Specific Information About Your Coffee - Terruño Nayarita Lot SCM0209
Bag Marks: 016-2729-002-A-LAQ-SS1     [click for BAG MARK details]
  40 bags in lot
Country of Origin: Mexico
Community of Origin:
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El Cuarenteno  
Producing Organization:
Dry Processing Mill
Name of Coffee:
SHG Reserva Organico
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Type of Coffee: Washed
Aspect: Screen 15 round and up Mix of flat-sided (Type 1) and Peaberry (Type 2) beans Grade 1, <6, 5 defects max, Reserva (SCAA-Q™ scale)
Cup Characteristics: floral, citrus, sweet, creamy, good acidity 85 - 87 points (SCAA-Q™ scale)
Terroir: Average altitude: 1150 m, volcanic soil. 60% Arabica Tipica, 40% Caturra.
Shade grown: 3 out of 4 stars.

Blend Information -- Percent from each Community
El Cuarenteno100.00 %

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